Welcome to the Resources section! While not all-inclusive of every paleo study finding (and if you're jonesing, just ask your search engine about scholarly sources), the media below should get you started on your search for more information. There are pros and cons to every diet, and every individual body has its own quirks, so remember the old adage: experience is life's best teacher!

If you would like to suggest a link or any corrections, please leave a comment or send an email.

A few introductory links to get you started:
A few books and magazines worth reading:
A few tools to help you along the way:
  • My Fitness Pal - A website/app for meal planning and tracking, complete with a forum of community members for support.
  • r/paleo - A subreddit for paleo information, support, and more recipes.
  • r/GetMotivated - A subreddit for motivation!

Pumped with energy from eating all of this nutritious food? No idea how to start exercising?